Growing in Christ

Increase in your knowledge of Christ, your love for Him, and obedience to Him.

  • Accept Christ
  • Complete New Disciples Class
  • Consistently attend Sunday Worship Services
  • Consistently attend Thirsty Thursdays Bible Study
  • Attend Baptism class (if applicable)
  • Complete at least (2) Life Enrichment Classes
  • Loving Others
    Put into action love and respect for yourself, others, and God.

  • Intentionally pray for others (personally & collectively)
  • Invite friends and family to attend church
  • Do an act of kindness without expecting the person to return the favor
  • Serving
    Seek out ways to serve others, the church, and the community with your spiritual gifts in love, peace, and unity.

  • Consistently serve as a Disciple On Duty in a DC3 Community
  • Serve in a least (1) community-wide event (Church Anniversary, Vacation Bible School, Conferences, etc.)
  • Participate in at least (4) Outreach opportunities in the community
  • Giving
    Be faithful over what you have by giving a tithe, offering, and your best sacrificial gift. This also includes giving of your time and talents by actively participating in ministry.

  • Invest in giving financially to the ministry and mortgage at DC3
  • Tithe 10% or more of income
  • Sacrifice your time to help in an outreach ministry or community
  • Learning
    Actively pursue knowledge and understanding of God’s word

  • Take the spiritual gifts assessment
  • Attend the Men/Women’s Bible Study
  • Participate in Life Enrichment Classes
  • Read and study the word of God
  • Consistently attend Disciple Development
  • Discipling Others
    Mentor and build one another up by following the ways and habits of Christ in your daily life.

  • Be willing and prepared to give a reason for your faith when asked
  •  Help others identify their spiritual gifts and become involved in service
  • Share a personal testimony with a non-believer