Business & Community Development Center

Prosperity Business & Community Center is a separate nonprofit partner of Disciple Central Community Church. Our purpose is dedicated to:

1. Adult Education & Training

2. Economic & Workforce Development

3. FED UP (Families Eating Daily Undermining Poverty)

4. Community Outreach Initiatives

Economic & Business Development

Small Business Workshops year-round

Opportunities for education, training, and mentorship for those currently in business, as well as those with entrepreneurship goals.

FED UP & Community Outreach Initiatives

1. Provide resources that help people meet their basic human needs such as food, housing, and emergency services.

2. Open to individuals living in the Great Southwest area

Fees may be assessed on a sliding scale based on economic qualifications. However, fees will not be a barrier to services.

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Adult Education & Training

GED & Continuing Education needs

Basic skill training for adults who need to become more competitive within the workforce